The Coronavirus spreading across the world has took the lives of more than 90,000 people and is still taking the lives of many day by day. There is also a likelihood chance for the virus to get spread into a greater number of people as the one fourth of the current positive cases are not travel related and this is a matter of significant concern.
As per the suggestion made by Matt Silver who is one of the leading authorities on positive psychology staying at UCL, each of the wicked problem would have 6 component parts and they are: -

  • More than one cause
Although the origin of the pandemic is from Wuhan region of China, globalisation has resulted in an increase in the spread of Coronavirus to other countries of the world as well.
  • More than one stakeholder
There are multiple stakeholders who have a say such as economies, politicians, health care systems and schools and also there is existence of an individual stake which is concerned with an individual’s contexts, experiences and for those of whom an individual have responsibility for.
  • More than one dimension
In this time of Corona crisis, a conflict arises between individual needs and that of network, which disregards and causes damage to the society and for this reason it is vital to keep a conscious awareness of others but also without compromising our primitive safety.
  • Continuously changing
Due to the continuous evolution of the virus, delaying, containing or curing it can reappear in varied forms which might include new symptoms which leads to more than one cause.
  • More than one symptom
Flattening the curve has become extremely difficult as the infection shows varied symptoms which makes it difficult to curb the spread of it.
  • More than one solution
Even when problem resolving is progressing, the continuous evolution requires development and ability to become adaptable for discovering new solutions.