Victims of acid attack are majorly women and it has been on a rise over the past two decades even after exercising stricter laws against the people who attack women. The survivors of an acid attack always would face various health related issues in the afterlife such as hearing or visual disabilities, disfigurement of face, severe burns etc.
The attackers of these acid attacks use acids such as Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid or Hydrochloric acid in order to perform this criminalistics act for torturing or harassing the victims. Although acid attacks are reported all over the globe, majority of the cases are reported in South Asia, majorly in Bangladesh. During the time period of 1999 and 2013 more than 3500 cases of acid attacks were reported in the country.
The severity of damage caused by these attacks majorly depends upon the concentration of acid used, type of acid used, time taken for the acid to properly neutralize with the skin and the distance from which it is thrown on the victim’s face. The most dangerous acid which can quickly remove a layer of skin are Sulphuric and Nitric acid.
The survivors of acid attack not only face physical health issues in their afterlife but also mental issues such as depression. Other issues which an acid attack survivor would face in her afterlife would include discrimination by people due to the disfigured face and health issues. There is also very high chance for the survivor to face economic instability too as they would not be provided with jobs by many employers as they would be having severe health issues which would affect the quality of their work. Thus, survival would be extremely difficult if they are not able to stay strong to face these obstacles in a smooth way.