Gender equality refers to a state in which both men and women get equal opportunity without any partiality or inequality. Gender equality can help diversify the workforce which can further make the workforce better. Business possess a vital role to undertake in order to work in partnership with others to promote gender equality.
Business can have both positive and negative influence over gender equality. Positive influence refers to the influence laid by business in which both men and women get equal opportunity whereas negative influence refers to that influence in which one of the genders, either male or female is given more weightage.
One of the cases in which there is absence of gender equality is in the case of Fortune 500 which is explained below. Of the Fortune 500 board seats of 2018, men held 77.5% of the seats while women held 22.5% of the seats. This proves that men are still over represented for various posts even though it is an issue which has to be given concern at the earliest.
After research three major reasons were found in order to engage men for gender equality in the business. First of all, recognising privilege and power; when men know about the benefits, they hold they can accept another responsibility to challenge the structures and frameworks at work that produce imbalance and rejection. Secondly, prevention of harm; current gender dynamics can negatively affect women and men’s health which can end up in workplace cultures where excessive sexual harassment and risk-taking can thrive. Thirdly, acceleration of progress; re-adjusting home lives and men’s work could help move the huge amount of time women spends on paying attention to duties which is one of the significant barriers to gender equality.
In order to ensure gender equality in all the positions of business, reservations are given for female candidates in various positions in some companies in order to ensure that all the positions are filled with equal ratio of gender diversity. Thus business can influence gender equality through their reservation.