After hearing rashes on the toes as a new symptom for Coronavirus pandemic, skin doctors across the globe is being bombarded with pictures of toes of patients through Emails and various social media platforms as this have created a lot of panic among various individuals. As the pandemic unfurled, there was an expectation from Esther Freeman, Dermatologist from Boston to receive more of skin related complaints from people.
After receiving a greater number of toe photos from the patients he commented that this is for the first time he is seeing these many toe photos in the entire medical career. This is called the Covid Toes which appears reddish and are at times itchy swellings near the toes of an individual’s foot. Similar type of toe swellings is also seen in people who spent a lot of time in cold regions.
The American Academy of Dermatology asked people not to panic and rush to hospitals by just seeing this symptom as this is not something that need to be worried of immensely. In the first half of this month they also issued an advisory note to the people for consulting the Covid Toes with the doctors via telemedicine and then only visit the hospitals if recommended by them.
Although dry cough, fever and shortness of breath were only seen as symptoms of Coronavirus patients, later on new symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting and skin diseases were also seen in patients. After one of the analysis done by the dermatologists on 88 Coronavirus patients of one of the Italian hospitals it was found that skin disease was one of the symptoms seen in one patient when five were tested. According to one of the doctors from North-western University the Covid toes symptoms is seen in young people as well.