In this world there are over lakhs of children who are deprived from having the basic necessities such as adequate food, clean and safe water, shelter etc.  These children are mostly left aloof to die malnourished or left to work at a younger age to earn their food to survive.
Crowdfunding refers to the process of raising funds for a specific purpose through accumulation, collectively by a bunch of people. Crowdfunding has played a vital role in shaping the life of children to ensure that they don’t face much obstacles in their entire childhood life. Crowdfunding provides aid to these children with the support of many donors around the globe, who contributes them with financial support immensely to shape the life of these underprivileged children.
Even during times in which people feel like shaping the lives of underprivileged children, they might face an issue of lack in funds or other resources. During these situations, crowdfunding acts as a major source of help, to accumulate the funds from many likeminded people around the globe.
Crowdfunding can help a child from staying out of hunger as well as attaining education at their right age. There are also various other benefits of crowdfunding as well, such as helping an underprivileged child in reaching his/her goal or ambition, helping an underprivileged child battling a disease through proper funds for medication etc.
Crowdfunding platforms are generally used by NGO’s or any other association working for the welfare of humans. They alter the lives of underprivileged children by providing free schooling facility, adequate food and clothing, providing them with proper shelter etc.
Crowdfunding can act as a platform for fund raising by like-minded people in order to serve various causes of under privileged children, to not leave them under privileged. There are various success stories of children posted in online crowdfunding platforms which clearly shows how crowdfunding has helped shape and alter the lives of underprivileged. Thus, role of crowdfunding in shaping or altering the lives of under privileged children is immense.