For minimizing the human to human contact and for breaking the chain of Coronavirus pandemic, Government of India proposed a lockdown in the country for 21 days restricting movement and shutting down of businesses. This has forced people to stay indoors while the government gave permission for the functioning of certain essential services and functioning of certain businesses which produce and sell essential commodities.
Some of the services which are most essential include the service provided by the medical experts and some of the commodities coming under the essential commodities include the food and medicines which are essential for survival. There are also various other essential services which continues to provide service even during lockdown, and this includes the transportation service by trains and carriers for moving food items and medicines to places where there is shortage.
Although the trains are permitted to continue their service for transporting goods, there is a restriction for trains to carry passengers as this does not come under the essential service which is required at this current crisis situation. An important role is also played by the delivery apps in providing service during this time of widespread pandemic as they play a crucial role in transporting the food, medicines and other necessary groceries to the people who are staying indoors for controlling the chain of pandemic.
This effort taken by the delivery partners are also highly appreciated by the people who are staying indoors, as they are playing a vital role in ensuring the supply of essential commodities to everyone’s homes even by risking their lives during the time of pandemic.