In order to curb the spread of Coronavirus there has been various measures taken by the Government of India. One such measure is the 21day lockdown which was imposed by the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the country which commenced from 24th March. There are also various other measures taken by the state governments in the country as well for controlling the spread.
In order to control the spread, the first measure that was adopted was tracing of individuals who have travelled abroad, since the cluster of each spread arose from such people. The government also took the help of health experts to check whether such people were symptomatic of the infection and also asked such people to stay aloof from the crowd as it could impose a threat to the people who comes in contact with them.
Since these steps were not enough to control the spread, government imposed certain laws preventing foreigners to come to the country for tourism purpose and also kept a record of other people who are based in India and are coming from foreign countries. Since these rules were not imposed very strictly people found loopholes and escaped from getting them checked and thus spreading increased at a higher pace and later on after the Government saw a spike in the number of cases, government became forced to make the laws stringent in order to curb the spread and flatten the curve. After the government realised people were still not taking the lockdown seriously, they imposed a new law for punishing all such people who are not following the lockdown rules. By collaborating with the health officials, government also took various measures in identifying the contact points of all the virus infected people within the country.