Amid the outbreak of Covid-19 across the world, companies have turned to remote work or work from home to sustain their business operations during the crisis period. Tech leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc. are working towards protecting the health of their employees and due to this they are ensuring that employees stay at home and work from there.
For improving productivity while working from home, especially for IT workers, they have to adopt certain steps. They include:

  • Adopting a routine plan – it is vital for IT workers to plan and stick to a routine in order to gain productivity in their work while remote working. In the absence of a proper schedule or routine, employees often attempt to waste their time in non-productive activities. Schedules make some similarity to structure, and structure is really an extremely essential part of being productive during tele work.
  • Develop a work environment which is professional - This implies putting resources into the correct connectivity tools, which includes a headset of high-quality and also steady - rapid access to internet. Designer Ryan Wilcox says your home workspace ought to have an entryway—and you should pull it shut when required. Choose a perfect place at your homes which is peaceful and calm so that you can attend phone calls and host video-conference meetings when needed in an uninterrupted and smooth manner.
  • Build a separation line between private and professional life – family members often think that when people are working from home they aren’t actually working and at times comes to talk with each other. But employees have to make their family members understand that they are having a fixed working hours and they have to be left uninterrupted during that time.
  • Take breaks when required – IT workers often get immersed in their work and they loose path of the time. This leads to fatigue and stress among the workers. Employees have to take adequate breaks in between their work hours to freshen themselves so that they would be free from tiredness.
  • Get ready properly - before starting your day, make sure that you take proper shower and wear neat clothes as if you are going to your office. This will often provide a right mindset for working. This will freshen up your mind and body and employees can productively focus and do their daily work.