Tia Walker, an author has once said “To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” Growing old is a natural process and while getting old, people need utmost care and love. Caring elderly people is a responsibility and more importantly it is our moral duty. Elderly people show us how to develop ourselves and how to survive in this changing world.
In today’s world, unfortunately, the youths are forgetting what their moral duties are and hence the elderly people are left orphaned for the rest of their lives. Youth do not perceive the vitality of caring older people and hence the elderly are forced to stay in old age homes.
Homecare is a system whereby elderly people are empowered to stay in their own homes comfortably and enjoying their independence at the same time getting one-to-one support and help in their day to day lives. Many researches that has been conducted on elderly people show that most of them prefer to live in their own homes, but unfortunately this is not happening and their loved ones move them from their familiar surroundings and place them in residential care homes.
This happens because the youth are not aware of the alternate options available for caring their parents. An option which is available for the elderly to remain in their own homes and get adequate care is to avail home-care services. Homecare allows the elderly to lead a happy and peaceful life without any tension on who will take care of them if they fall ill.
There are flexible home care services for the elderly. It includes live-in care to visiting home support. In live-in care system, the carer will be staying round the clock in the elderly people’s home and taking care of their medical and personal needs. There are different types of care which includes respite care, overnight care, hourly care, companionship care, postoperative care, palliative care, disability care etc. In this system, a strong bond can be created between the elderly and their carer which makes them happy and feel loved. This system turns out to be beneficial in case where the elderly is physically disabled or having diseases.
In visiting home support system, the role of the carer arrives only when the elderly people need it. With assistance from as meagre as half an hour to several visits a day, a visiting carer can have a significant effect.
The cost of using home care will rely on many factors that are taken into consideration. It includes location of your home, the type of service needed, duration of service needed etc. In most of the circumstances, home care proves to be less costly compared to other means like old age homes. NAHC President William A Dombi said that “The study proves that a strong investment in the expanded use of home health care by Medicare, Medicaid and other payment programs would save billions in unnecessary health care spending,”