The Covid-19 pandemic which erupted in Wuhan, China has turned out to be a global health issue after it started spreading rapidly to other countries across the world. By now the virus claimed the lives of over two lakh people across the globe and is still continuing. Since this chain of spread is seen to increase at a rapid pace in the last few months, most of the countries across the globe has adopted for lockdown in order to maintain social distancing which would help in cutting the spread of viral spread.
As soon as the health experts across the world saw this spread increasing at a higher pace, they started studying on the pandemic for inventing new antibodies and vaccines to control the spread of the virus. All forms of medical fields including Allopathy, Homoeopathy and Ayurveda have been trying since a long time to find new medical inventions for controlling the spread. Although some of them were successful in finding some or the other method for treatment, until now there has been no vaccine invented for treatment. Although there are around seven vaccines that are under clinical trial the whole testing part is not completed for even one vaccine due to time constraints.
The Homoeopathic medical field is given a huge push in India by the Kerala Government saying that it would help boost the immunity power of the people. The Homoeopathic industry in Kerala has also been supplying medicines to build immunity to over 4.5 million people across the state. Looking at the data given by the District Medical Officer from the Department of Homoeopathy, the greatest number of homoeo medicines were supplied in Thiruvananthapuram district and was more than 7 lakhs. As per the details given by the District Medical Officer, there is an increased demand for Homoeo medicines and the Department of Homoeo Medicines are also ensuring that the medicines are reaching the needy people.