There are various measures a person would need to undertake in order to boost one’s immunity. One of the most important things for boosting immunity is having a systematic schedule for undertaking all activities. Activities include the primary activities which everyone undertakes such as eating and sleeping and the secondary activities such as exercising or going for a walk.
 A person who wish to have a proper health condition would need to undertake all these activities at correct timings. The best time duration for sleeping which is suggested by experts is 8 hours for children and 7hours for adults. Maintaining correct balance of sleep itself could resolve many health issues including depression. There are also certain basic other needs one should undertake in order to boost immunity.
A person who wish to boost his/her immunity should also take proper food intake at correct intervals and in correct quantity to ensure the digestive system is intact. This will ensure that the most essential components such as Vitamin, Calcium, protein and various other component which are very necessary to sustain a healthy life is correctly taken inside the body of those individuals who wish to boost the immunity.
Exercising on a daily basis also plays a very major role in boosting the immunity, as it would help in better metabolism which ultimately helps in the process of digestion. People who exercise daily are seen to have a better immune system than the ones who do not do any sort of exercise for getting rid of the unwanted fat. Even the intake of water at wrong time can affect the digestive system which could ultimately ruin the immune system. For instance, if a person drinks cold water while eating food it is not good for health as it would affect the digestive system as all the oil content in the food would condense while this food goes for digestion and can create acidity issues to the individual. Thus a person who wish to boost immunity should follow everything suggested by medical experts correctly for maintaining a really health immune system.