In this scenario when the pandemic coronavirus is spreading at an accelerated pace, it has become vital to sanitize your homes in order to remain safe. For majority of the people, they have a negative thought when they think about putting things away, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing etc. But it has become crucial to sanitize houses in order to prevent the infection to come inside a person’s home.
The importance of keeping your home clean and sanitized are listed below:

  • Eliminating germs – the immune system can be suppressed by germs and makes people ill often, especially infants who crawl inside the house. The germs which makes people sick often sustain on the surfaces of a house. Almost each activity a person does creates germs inside a house like touching the doorknobs, scratching hair, taking off shoes, using the toilet and hence eating food etc. However, by frequently cleaning your home and sanitizing it can kill majority of the germs and keep the family healthy
  • Indoor air quality – deteriorating indoor air quality can trigger allergies as well as asthma in people, says the American Lung Association. The poor air quality may be the result of mildew, animal dander and dust bunnies that are accumulated
  • Reduce stress and improves mental health – an organized and clean home can destroy mood swings and stress in individuals. Walking into a house which is unhygienic can deter your mental health.
  • Keeping pests away – rodents and bugs can multiply and easily find hiding places in an unorganized and messy house. These creatures are attracted towards food waste, liquid spills, pet bowls which are dirty etc. they are also capable of spreading bacteria, diseases, germs, infections and allergies. A sanitized and clean home will keep away these pests and thus provide a healthy environment
  • Ensures proper sleep – people find themselves comfortable and relaxed in a house which is clean. Thus, they find it easier to fall asleep in those kinds of environment. So, people have to ensure cleanliness in their homes to get adequate sleep for themselves