From the year 2010, there has been an increase in the people who are working from home by 91%.  In the present scenario, working from staying at home has become more of compulsory and not an option due to the widespread outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. There are several companies having their employees work from home in their laptops and smartphones even in this scenario.
Thus, work from home has become very helpful to these companies to sustain a reasonable amount of revenue for maintaining the company’s functioning. Especially for I.T companies work from home has not been an issue as they are providing desktops or laptops to the employees for performing the same amount of work they do at the office. Thus, there won’t be any effect on the quality of work of these employees.  There are other industries as well, which provides this feature of work from home and some of them include online tutoring, software development, Customer service etc.
This proves that work from home for these industries has not hampered the quality of work, and thus there is a future for work from home for these industries whereas for other industries such as production or logistics work from home is not an option.
For the industries which can provide work from home feature, there could be a reduction in the cost for those companies as they would not require a building or a premise to accommodate all its employees. There will also be a reduction in the cost of electricity bill as well. Thus, considering all these factors, work from home do have a future for such industries as it would be less costly to maintain without having any impact over the quality of work.