The life after covid-19 is expected to be completely different from the life before the pandemic affected the world. People expect that it would take years to go back to the normal condition as the pandemic has affected the smooth flow of everything across the globe. As per reports the world is going through a very bad economic depression after a very long period of time and this has made many people across the globe unemployed.
For instance, in U. S the unemployment rate has increased in such a way that one out of every five people is unemployed. The global lockdown measures undertaken across the globe has stopped the functioning of many sectors for this much long period for the first time in the last 50 years. Many new start-up businesses had to close down due to the pandemic as the business couldn't function and at the same time had to pay the employees.
According to the reports the businesses such as hotels and restaurants will be affected further even after the corona crisis as people would be scared and hesitant to go out for having food in a crowded place. The government have also announced certain restrictions on the total people that can gather in a place and has also asked to pause social gatherings for this year. Another major impact is for new aspiring graduates who wishes to work in corporates, their life has been affected immensely as many companies have stopped hiring new employees this year.
There is also an expectation for the tourism to reduce by half or even more due to certain restrictions in various countries and due to the fear in public for having a contact with unknown strangers. Even though certain things might go back to normal after the invention of vaccine for covid-19 the expectation of the global economy to go back to the same level is years.