Due to the widespread outbreak of Coronavirus, there has been lockdown imposed in various countries across the world. This has made a very huge impact as the world has become still due to less movement of people and thus helping in reducing the pollution and emission of unwanted gases in the air. Due to this a new sight is very common in this scenario where animals are freely moving out in the world instead of being caged like they are used to earlier.
There are various benefits which countries have received after making the lockdown much more stringent. One of the benefits is the rapid reduction in the emission of greenhouse gas which further has also helped in reducing the global warming. Thus, been identified by when we look from the perspective of the impact on earth, lockdown has created a positive impact as there is less pollution and more rejuvenation of the plants and trees around the globe.
There are various impacts lockdown has created on the earth as per the reports made by various experts and some of them are explained below. One of the impact due to less pollution was identified in Venice, where one of the murky canals became really clear thus enabling to see the fish swimming inside. There are also many such places where the pollution has reduced at a very large scale due to the lockdown and all this proves how lockdown has made a positive impact over the planet.