After the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus, there is many information that is circulating about the pandemic around the world. It is important to know and bifurcate which data is a myth or a fact about Covid-19.
The myths and facts which are related to coronavirus are listed below:

  • There is no vaccine available for treating coronavirus till date and the scientists are struggling hard to find out the vaccine for treating the virus as the death rate is surging on a daily basis around the globe. But it may take many months to develop a safe as well as effective vaccine for treating Covid-19.
  • There is a rumor that the virus was deliberately created or even released by people as a bio-weapon and as of now, this just remains a myth and no data has been discovered regarding the same. It is said that viruses can transform over time. A disease outbreak happens occasionally when a virus which is common in an animal undergoes transformation and passes to human beings.
  • Ordering or buying things shipped from overseas will make a person infected is just a myth as of now as researchers are studying about the same. World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the probability of getting infected with the virus from a commercial package is very minimal as it has likely travelled over a number of days and has also been exposed to varied temperatures during the transit period.
  • Vitamin C helps in preventing Covid-19 is a myth. Dr. Sundeep Salvi, Director of Pulmocare Research and Education Foundation Pune has said that, Vitamin C has the capability of providing protection against certain viral infections such as rhinoviruses or influenza, but not the coronavirus.
Bathing in hot water or even spraying chlorine or alcohol over the body to prevent the virus attack is a myth as a pathogen which attacks the respiratory system, the coronavirus cannot be cleaned out of the human body once it has entered.