Natural calamities are something which are irresistible but catastrophic as it takes the lives of many when they hit the world. Although some natural calamities are even predicted by weather analysts priorly, there is no way to avoid the natural calamity from hitting the world and the only way would be to take precautions if found early itself. There are various severe natural calamities that have hit the world and has took the lives of many innocent humans as well as animals with it. Some of the major natural calamities that has shook the world with tremors include: -
•              The quake of Egypt on 1202
This quake which occurred in Egypt in the year 1202 is the deadliest seismic tremor that has occurred over the world in unsurpassed history. The spots that were extremely crushed by the earthquake incorporates the stretch from Anatolia until Upper Egypt and from Mesopotamia to Sicily. According to the information accessible in the history this earthquake has ended the lives of over 1.1 million individuals in the nation and has additionally become the significant purpose behind different other natural calamities which followed this calamitous catastrophe.
•              Flooding of the Yellow River
The flooding of Yellow River occurred in the year 1887 and was one of the most exceedingly terrible floods in the history as it killed more than 9,00,000 individuals over the globe. In spite of the fact that this stream is inclined to flooding because of its raised position, this flood was the worst among all the other floods. The prime reason behind the flooding of this third biggest river in Asia was the heavy downpours which broke the embankments that controlled the flooding of the stream.
•              The Central China floods
The Central China floods occurred in the nation in the year 1931 and was a series of floods. This flood which occurred in Central China was caused because of the overflooding of the three most popular streams in the nation named Yellow, Yangzte and Huai. This flood brought about tremendous blow-back and has killed a large number of individuals.