Obesity refers to a state of condition where an individual is extremely fat due to stress, addiction for food items, absence of any physical activity, absence of awareness of the social problems and medical issues etc. Obesity can hamper the social life of an individual and can also affect him or her emotionally as well. Some of the social and emotional effects of obesity include discrimination, low wage rate and low quality of life which can ultimately lead to depression.
If we see the country with the highest level of obesity in the world according to the statistics of 2017, then the first position is held by the United States where 61.9% of women and 70.9% of men are overweight or obese. According to this ranking India ranks third in the list. But both India and America have reduced the level of obesity by huge rate in the past 2 years by giving proper advice regarding the importance of staying healthy and taking corrective measures to achieve the goal of reducing the obesity rate.
The obesity rate has been rising from the past 30 years which has been causing a rising mortality rate across the board. Along with hampering the social life, obesity also hinders the sex life as well.
According to medical experts, there is a direct link between obesity and hormonal imbalance, thus hampering sex life which ultimately ruins the social life as well. Obesity not only affects the social life of teenagers and adults but also in the lives of children, obesity do affect adversely.
Some of the social effects of obesity over children include: -

  • Being targets of bullies
  • Lack of social skills
  • Depression
All these effects of obesity can also cause mental instability in children which will be a very serious issue. Thus, being obese affects the social life of people regardless of considering age as a factor. So, people should follow a healthy life to control obesity in order to not have any hindrance in their social life.