There have been numerous changes as of late that have affected society in various areas – cultural, personal and financial. Ways of life have changed, some to improve things and a couple with negative outcomes. The populace by and large has been receiving the rewards, and generally those from the more youthful age have had the option to acknowledge a significant number they had always dreamt of and build up their vocations in a superior manner than was conceivable before.
However, as a result of the consequences of the social transformation that is happening, the senior citizens, who are generally acknowledged as elderly people, are facing certain issues. This is highly witnessed or reflected in the progress from the traditional lifestyles to present day or modern lifestyle patterns, which require numerous adjustments as well as compromises. One of these include Old Age Homes or OAHs.
Before the advent of social transformation, the concept of joint family or extended family system was a common parlance and hence the senior or elderly citizens used to live with their own children, their brothers, sisters, aunties or uncles in the nearby houses. Everybody was close within reach for any crises, for example, medical issues or even deaths in the family. In this manner, the social fabric was very much woven and due regard was given to the elderly folks. This framework empowered senior citizens to lead sensibly glad lives with barely any strain, as they had the certainty that somebody would deal with them when required. At whatever point there was some medical problems for a senior, the entire family would go around to go to all needs, rendering clinical to individual help. With ideal comprehension on mindful and sharing the obligations, the seniors didn't feel let down or desolate.
But this scenario or pattern soon changed and now it is said that almost many of the senior citizens are forced to stay in OAHs. These were regarded as the concomitant of the rising system of nuclear family. People nowadays do not have time to look after the elderly people in the family nor do they have any people at their homes to look after them. Hence, to relieve this tension of theirs, they gradually take the elderly to the OAHs where they will be given adequate care and medical assistance. Due to this, OAHs has emerged to be a part of the present social system in the world.