Ozone layer is defined as a deep layer in the in the stratosphere that encircles the Earth and also contains high levels of ozone in it. Ozone is a combination of three atoms of oxygen rather than the usual two atoms of oxygen. In the first place, it is the ultraviolet radiation that is forming the ozone. The ozone, which is typically a gas, protects everything which is living on the Earth from the Ultraviolet Rays that is directly coming from the sun. in the absence of ozone layer, it becomes cumbersome for each and every living thing existing in the Earth to survive on the surface.
It has been observed for a past few years that, a massive depletion of ozone in an area of the ozone layer, particularly over the Arctic and over Antarctica has been occurring. It has been reported that certain chemicals that are being created by the mankind, which is termed as chlorofluorocarbons, are finding their own way to the Earth’s stratosphere via a series of complex chemical reactions, that ultimately destroys the ozone layer. Due to the surge in the release of CFC’s, an International Treaty was signed in the year 1973, which is known as the Montreal Protocol. After the treaty was signed, it banned the release as well use of CFC’s by the manufacturers who used these chemicals before for the production of refrigerators, aerosols, foam food packaging, air conditioners, fire extinguishers etc. These gases are also a type of greenhouse gas that destroys the environment and contributes to global warming.
After this effort, the ozone layer began to recover gradually but not at an accelerated pace. In the previous month, it has been observed that a massive ozone hole over the Arctic region has been closed, as per the records of UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It has been reported that Netizens are claiming that this recovery of the ozone layer is due to the effects of the lockdown imposed in many countries. But, India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found that this claim is actually misleading. They said that the healing of the ozone layer has no link to the coronavirus lockdown and the scientists are of the opinion that this is due to an unusually strong and also a long-liver polar vortex, which is the high altitude currents that is bringing in to the regions of polar, a cold air.