In the event of coronavirus pandemic, businesses play a key role in protecting their employees’ health as well as safety. They also play an important role in in diminishing the negative impact to the society and economy.
The department of Health and Human services (HHS) in collaboration with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed a checklist for the large business organizations to comply with during the crisis time. This checklist identifies crucial and specific activities which the large concerns can engage in at this time.
The checklist involves the following things to focus on:

  • Plan for the effect of the pandemic on your employees as well as customers
  • Implement policies for employee compensation and sick-leave absence, flexible worksite and work hours, precautionary measures during pandemic etc. in the organization
  • Preparation for the affect a pandemic has on your business by selecting a pandemic coordinator or team, training ancillary workforce, identification of essential employees and critical inputs for business during pandemic
  • Educate employees of the organization about the signs and symptoms of pandemic, mode of transmission, prevention techniques from the pandemic, how to tackle fear and anxiety of the pandemic outbreak, identification of fake news and also to ensure that the guidance is understood by all the employees
  • Offer resources like control supplies such as hand-hygiene products, tissues, protection masks etc. to protect employees and customers, also make sure that medical consultation is offered free for them by the organization
  • Coordinate with other organizations such as insurers, local healthcare facilities, health agencies etc. to help the community and society to smoothly battle the pandemic outbreak
Government has recommended all the large business organizations to adopt robust generic business continuity management plans which will help in nullifying any sort of disruptions impacted due to the outbreak of pandemic.