In this period of coronavirus pandemic people are forced to stay indoors due to the lockdown measures that are adopted by most of the countries across the globe. This has also forced employees to perform their work by staying at their respective houses rather than going to offices. Although this reduced a lot of expenses for many companies, there are various problems faced by employees while they are teleworking and this includes both physical and mental problems as well.
The major problem for physical problems while doing work from home is because of lack of movement of employees as they would be doing work continuously by using their laptop and other mobile devices. Even though the type of work would be same in offices as well the difference is that there would be some sort of movement by employee even for consumption of food or for even drinking water.
Since there is lack of proper movement by employees while working from home it can cause various physical problems including piles, obesity or joint pain. While an employee works in a office he/ she might have a proper desk or table to keep the laptop and also a chair beside it for being seated while doing the work but in the case of working from home it is not necessary to have a proper place for keeping the laptop for doing work and thus they often keep the laptop either on top of the legs or on the bed.
While working with the laptop on top of the legs it can cause a lot of harmful radiations that can even lead to harmful diseases such as cancer. Even if an employee works in his/her laptop by keeping it on the bed that also would create physical problems including backpain or Spondylitis as the position of spine would be bent in most of the times while using laptop which is placed on top of the bed. Thus the physical problems that are created is immensely high while an employee is working from home compared to when he/she works in an office.