Senior citizen is a term used to refer all the citizens of India who have attained the age of 60 or more. In India we can see the plight or condition of senior citizens deteriorating day by day. In the past decade, the number of old age homes as well as the strength of these homes has risen drastically. This condition is prevalent in our country even after having so many legal rules and laws that are active in order to protect them from this plight.
If we see the statistics of senior citizen population of Mumbai, it is around 1.5 million, which is almost the entire population size of Patna district of Bihar. Although ageing is something which inevitable it has become one of the main threats in our society due to the reduced number of joint family system in our country. This threat arose due to the rise in alienation of parents by their wards during their old age since they feel their parent’s presence as a burden. This has resulted in the rising number of senior citizens in old age homes.
So, during the time of old age these senior citizens spends their whole lifetime in old age homes until they depart from this world. Two major reasons for this plight of senior citizens are either due to conflicts with their wards for difference in opinion or else because of not having children to look after them. This plight of senior citizens of India can be reduced through proper regulation of the laws that are prevailing in order to protect the senior citizens from being alienated and thrown out of their own homes.
This condition can also be reduced by educating everyone properly about the importance of looking after their parents who brought them up in life. It has become high time to have a control over this plight of senior citizens, in order to let them die peacefully rather than struggling even at a later stage of life.