There has been a huge social impact created by the pandemic after it started spreading rapidly from countries to countries by taking the lives of many. The major social impact that has been created by the Covid-19 pandemic is the global lockdown which forced people to shut down their businesses across the globe. The spreading of Covid-19 has not only created social impact but also has created a huge economic impact as well.
The rapid spreading of Covid-19 has also scared people to have any contact with people who are prone to the pandemic. Thus, there have been instances seen where people have isolated medical experts such as doctors and nurses. In such instances doctors and nurses were even harmed for staying close to those people who harmed them as they are scared for being infected from the pandemic.
 Another major social impact seen from the pandemic was the communal riot which took place in certain areas against the Muslim community criticizing them for spreading the pandemic in India by organizing and attending the Tablighi Jamaat. In this riot people attacked Muslims who did not even attend the social gathering which was conducted in Delhi.
The pandemic has made the public go into a state of fear and hence many people are isolating the people who are prone to the pandemic making them feel guilty for no reason. Seeing all this the government have announced to the public through various mediums of communication that the current fight is against the pandemic and not against the ones who are affected by the pandemic. Currently as a precaution to the pandemic people are maintaining social distancing from everyone possible so that they could cut the chain of spread.
This impact created on the society is expected continue even after the pandemic as it would take time for people to get over with the fear. In a way it is good as people need to be cautious and need to take precautions so that the pandemic doesn’t start spreading again in the country.