During this time of widespread coronavirus outbreak, usage of social media has gone up tremendously and the news spreading through these platforms is immensely high and creating high traffic in the servers of most of these social media platforms.
Currently even the political leaders convey many important messages related to Coronavirus through these online platforms as it easily reaches a wider audience in no time. There are also fake news and messages related to Corona which are circulated through these social media platforms. Thus, Social media is a boon or a bane in this time of Corona outbreak based on the way a person is using it.
Nowadays social media is highly being checked by their tech team as they want zero spreading of fake news through their platforms to avoid confusions among people. These teams of social media platforms identify the users who spreads such fake messages and also brings it to the notice of cyber cell for taking legal action against them.
Social media has turned out to be a relief to most of the people around the globe as everyone are staying indoor due to control the global lockdown. Social media not only helps in interactions and conveying of messages but also helps in having entertainment indoor as people have no option to step out of their house. Many people who did not use social media before also have started using it during this time of Coronavirus outbreak. One such well known personality who started using social media now, which is after the spreading of Coronavirus pandemic is Aung San Suu Kyi who is a political leader from Myanmar. She is also very well known for keeping a very low profile with very limited press conferences. Aung San Suu Kyi started her Facebook account very recently after the Coronavirus outbreak infected 15 citizens of Myanmar resulting in a lockdown of the country. Thus all these proves that Social Media can be a boon if it is used in the correct way and can be a bane if it is used in an incorrect manner.