In today’s scenario people have become more dependent and obsessed on technology thus creating more technological dependency.
Technological dependence is prevalent over almost every task in today’s world and this has both pros and cons. In today’s world people depend on technology from making an online payment to finding directions to reach a particular destination
From each and every simple thing, like mind calculation of numbers, people calculate using a calculator and also for more complex tasks like planting a fully developed garden also, people solely rely on gadgets. Technological dependency can be seen highly in the millennials who are the future of this century. Technological dependency is considered to be contrary to the term self-reliance.
Technological advancements aids to make complex tasks simpler and this is the major reason which attracts more people to depend on technology for performing every task, and this results in over usage of technology, thus increasing the technological dependency.
Over dependence on technology can hinder the ability to think and thus technological dependency has to be kept in control, in order to ensure that there is innovation taking place.
Overuse of technology can also result in potential consequences on individual level which includes impatience, anxiety and depression, addiction etc.
A new word has been coined in order to describe the fear of being without phone is “nomophobia”. According to Psychology Today Nomophobia is described as “that rush of anxiety and fear when you realize you are disconnected and out of the loop with friends, family, work and the world.” 
Although technological dependency has many cons, it also does have pros such as reduction in the death toll due to advanced technology in medical field, development in the transportation facility etc. Thus, having a balance in technological dependency is always essential to ensure development.
To ensure a balance between the digital world and our lives can be ensured by following some of the tips mentioned below: -

  • Avoiding texting while driving.
  • Not taking phone or laptop to restroom
Pay using liquid cash by keeping phone inside the pocket as it would reduce the screen time