After the outbreak of Coronavirus or Covid-19 which took the lives of over 50,000 people worldwide till date, some people started to believe that there is some well-charted destiny or coincidence, which is occurring every 100 years. The world is getting devastated by a pandemic which takes the lives of thousand of people along. After seeing the cycle of events that took place in the past starting from Plague pandemic in 1720, cholera outbreak in 1820, followed by Spanish Flu in 1920, people started to believe that this cycle of events tends to be a pattern which has been scripted by God.
The world is getting drastically affected by a pandemic in every century. In 1720, a disease called Plague was first identified in Marsais France. This shook the region by taking the lives of over one lakh people. The greatest tragedy was that, there were no place to bury the infected people and the people had to resort to mass burial.
Following the Plague pandemic, a disease called cholera was affected in the world in the year 1820. Cholera was first identified in Kolkata city of India which then transmitted at a faster pace and people in Europe also got affected by this disease. The most affected region was South East Asia with a death toll of over one lakh people.
After the massive outbreak of Cholera, in the year 1920 a disease termed as Spanish Flu affected our world. Spanish Flu turned out to be a bad dream for those people who lived during that century since it affected approximately 27% of the world population. This flu originated somewhere in Northern China and took the lives of about ten crore people. This flu has taken the maximum number of lives till date in the world.
In the present century, coronavirus pandemic or Covid-19 has taken the cycle ahead with approximately ten lakh people getting affected by the disease. The disease was originated in Wuhan, China and it has been spreading to almost all the countries in the world of which Italy was the most affected country. Covid-19 has been termed as the pandemic which has been scripted for the year 2020. People are worried whether the history is going to repeat again.