Hunger refers to a state in which, a person is deprived from having the basic nutrients of food in order to stay healthy and fit. Whereas world hunger is the condition where there is hunger striking worldwide. The major cause for world hunger is resulted from the rising domination or concentration of resources in a fewer hands. Although elimination of world hunger is not possible overnight, it can be reduced by a certain level through optimal supply of food to the needy by reducing the concentration of resources in a fewer hands.
Some of the other main causes of World hunger are: -

  • Poverty
  • Shortage of food
  • Adverse change in climate
  • Wastage of food
  • Economy
In India there are certain programmes like the One-Day-Meal Programme which aims at reducing the rate of people who are facing hunger.
According to the data of the World Hunger Index of 2018, one of the major countries which faces high rate of people experiencing hunger, is the country of Central African Republic which has the largest number of people who are malnourished.
If we see the data provided through the world hunger index, it says that out of nine people worldwide one person would always experience the issue of hunger.
This shows how much care needs to be taken worldwide in order to reduce hunger so as to reduce the mortality rate caused due to hunger or malnutrition.
Some of the most effective methods that can be adopted in order to reduce the world hunger includes: -
  • Intervention by the Government
  • Providing education on birth control
  • Proving food donations
  • Education access to all
  • Reducing wastage of food
Adopting all these methods can reduce world hunger to a certain extent thus reducing the people dying out of hunger. Although there are certain NGOs and other organisations working towards reducing the number of people experiencing hunger, still the records show that there are large number of people experiencing hunger. Thus, it is the responsibility of each and every individual who are prosperous to serve food to a needy in order to bring down the hunger rate. Adopting this method can immensely bring down the people experiencing hunger.