Vaccine development is an extremely time consuming and rigorous process and the time for completion of the whole process could be nearly 10-15 years which would include both the private and public involvement. For the development and testing of vaccines in U.S there are various standard steps that would be followed in U.S and it includes: -
Stage I – Exploratory Stage
Stage II- Pre-clinical Stage
Stage III- IND Application
Stage IV- Phase I Vaccine Trials
Stage V – Phase II Vaccine Trials
Stage VI – Phase III Vaccine Trials
In the current scenario of Covid-19 which has taken the lives of over 1,50,000 people and infected nearly 25,00,000 people over the globe has created a huge tension across the world. This has led to many attempts by various companies for finding a vaccine for stopping the spread of the pandemic within the limited time possible. There are many pharmaceutical companies across the globe which has been rigorously trying to produce the vaccine for the pandemic although only a few got qualified for the clinical test. The first vaccine which got qualified for the clinical test was from the company Moderna.
There were also 2 other companies which got cleared until the clinical test but however all these three companies told the time that they would require for producing the vaccine would take around 12 to 18 months. But there was a huge relief to many when the Oxford researchers came up with their new vaccine ChAdOc1 as they had promised the production of this vaccine in bulk quantities by the month of September.
This development by Oxford was of great relief mainly because of the very minimal time it would require to produce the vaccine. It has also proved that if needed any vaccine can complete its all development process within this very short period of time. All these instances clearly prove how much developed is the current medical field.