How It Works

How it Works!!

Crowdfunding is gathering small amounts of money from various people for a particular project, social cause or business plan. It makes use of an online platform or social media websites to request funds for the fundraiser by exhibiting the story to potential investors or donors. As indicated by the principles in certain countries, equity-based crowdfunding is unauthorized, though peer-to-peer loaning is managed by the RBI. Community crowdfunding which involves rewards and donation-based crowdfunding are legitimate and are very well known to raise funds for social purposes.

If you have a plan that you require funds for, you basically need to present your venture on Chip In Faith by filling in a form. If the venture gets endorsed, you get a Chip In Faith expert to assist you with getting ready for crowdfunding. When prepared, the campaign goes live and you find a good pace to raise your financing target. If you can't raise your funding target at this point, the cash is given back to the funders. Hence, it either All or Nothing.

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