Details on the 100 corona infected people’s death in United States


There has been a huge number of corona infected deaths reported in U.S among the people in the age group of 50-90years.
This death toll is still continuing and there has been at least 112 Corona infected deaths reported in U.S from the time the first case was reported in U.S on January 2020.
Out of these deaths it is not clear about the data on how many people out of it was from other nationals as the authorities didn’t release any data regarding it.
According to the data provided by the state health officials, some details of the people who have died can be understood, and one is that many were above the age of 60. According to the health officials, chances of getting infected from the virus in the most worsened way was twice likely in people above the age of 60. Most of the deaths which were reported were also from the age group of 60-90years and the youngest people who died from the virus was in the early or mid-50s.
The second detail of the deceased people which can be understood is that most of them had lived in nursing homes and other facilities similar to it. Most number of deaths occurred in the nursing home located in Kirkland in Washington. Another detail was that most of the people who died had many health problems such as Emphysema, Diabetes, Heart problems etc. The details also said that out of those people only a few travelled abroad. If we look at the data for the death toll in each state then it was found as follows:

  • California: 14
  • Florida: 6
  • Colorado: 2
  • Georgia: 1
  • Illinois: 1
  • Kansas: 1
  • Indiana: 2
  • Kentucky: 1
  • Louisiana: 4
  • Nevada: 1
  • New Jersey: 3
  • New York: 15
  • Oregon: 2
  • South Carolina: 1
  • South Dakota: 1
  • Texas: 1
  • Virginia: 2