Justice For Nirbhaya, Killers Hanged After 7 Years


After 7 years, Nirbhaya got justice. A young medical student was gang raped and tortured brutally in a moving bus on 16th December 2012. The 23-year old woman was returning home with her friend in the bus when this horrendous incident took place. She died a few days later in a Hospital in Singapore.
The four out of the 6 accused were hanged to death at 5:30 am on Friday. The execution was done two hours post the Supreme Court refused the final petition of the convicts. The four men, Pawan Gupta, Mukesh Singh, Akshay Kumar Singh and Vinay Sharma were hanged simultaneously at Delhi’s Tihar Jail, a first case in independent India’s history. At around 6 am, half-an-hour after they got hanged, they were declared dead by a doctor. Their bodies have been sent for post-mortem.
The whole prison was on lockdown since the previous night, and authorities stated that, scarcely any prisoner in Asia's biggest jail could get any rest ahead of the first execution since the year 2015. The accused were woken up at around 3:30 am in the morning, when they understood that they have arrived at the end of the road in courts.
During the last couple of months, the four convicts filed a flurry of petitions to the Supreme Court seeking to review their death sentences. The convicts also pleaded to the President for mercy. All the mercy petitions were rejected by the President.
Six people were accused for this gang-rape, of them, one committed suicide in Tihar jail, while another one was a minor, who was sent to the Juvenile jail and spent 3 years over there and got released. 
Asha Devi, the mother of the young woman who later came to be known as “Nirbhaya” or the fearless, said that, we all have been waiting for this day to come when the beasts got hanged to death. She also said that today is a new dawn for all the daughters in India.