Check Point Research Detects Coronavirus Hacking Services On Dark Net


Cyber-security firm Check Point Research detects that hackers are taking the advantage of the situation of coronavirus outbreak to sell their goods at cheaper rates on the dark net which includes Facebook hacking services and also fake MacBook Air offer.
Special offers with 'COVID19' or "coronavirus" as discount codes, are being offered by different hackers to promote their goods, generally exploit tools or malicious software over the dark net.
The research found that a team of hackers known as SSHacker which describes themselves “dedicated in providing the best hacking services since the year 2005” is now providing the service of hacking the Facebook accounts which is offered at a discounted rate.
Further, there are many fraudulent online sales going on, which offers premium goods at very cheap rates.
A seller named “True Mac” is offering the MacBook Air on a discounted rate of $390 as a corona special offer.
Yaniv Balmas, Head of Cyber Research at Check Point say that they have witnessed an increase in the number of coronavirus related domains that has been registered in the last few weeks. He also added that these sellers are using the name of the virus to sell their goods in many places since they catch attention of the people in this situation.
In a past report, Check Point detected that coronavirus-related areas are bound to be 50% more malicious than any other domain enlisted during the same time period. 16,000 coronavirus related domains got registered during early January when the initial outbreaks were getting reported.
Report says that, in the previous week, approximately 6,000 or more new domains were registered, which indicates an 85% increase in comparison to the last week.