WhatsApp Checking The Fake News And Rumours Using The Search Message Feature Available On The Web


WhatsApp users often gets a stream of draining forwards from everyone which would also contain several fake news as well. Thus, seeing a fake news in WhatsApp is not something which would be new to users. Still there are many users who entirely depend on the news circulated on WhatsApp as they consider this news as epitome rather than investigating on what the actual truth is.
So, to tackle this issue of fake circulation of news and rumours, WhatsApp has started working on a new feature on web which is the Search Message feature. Thus, to curb the spreading of fake news there are a lot of fact checkers working on it. According to the update given by WhatsApp, it is about to bring a new feature on the Web for its users to check the authenticity of the news. This is the Search Message feature which would be available on the Web and would help the users in analysing which is fake news and which one is authentic.
This feature would be made available on the version of WhatsApp Beta Android 2.20.94 and in order to use this feature the user must click on that particular message which they wish to check online and after doing this a Search button appears on the screen.
After the user clicks on this button a new pop up would display on the screen and it would be -"Would you like to search this on the web? This will upload the message on Google." So, if the user wants to search it on web, he/she should click on the “Search Web” option. By performing this task, the user would be able to verify the authenticity of the message.