PM Narendra Modi Addresses Nation, Coming 15 Days Is Crucial For India’s Battle Against Covid-19


PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday chaired a meeting to examine the ongoing efforts against coronavirus. He addressed the nation on Thursday by calling for “resolve and restraint” to battle against Covid-19.
Modi is closing keeping an eye on the situation each day and discussed in the meeting about the preventive measures to be adopted in this situation. He also proposed to enhance the testing and medical facilities in the nation.
The government officials have said that the next 15 days is very crucial for India to fight against the virus attack and actions are being taken to curb the spread of this disease during the coming days. They also added that India was the foremost country which restricted international travelers to enter from March 13th. The effect of this measure can be seen during the end of this month since all the coronavirus patients so far are related to the people who came from abroad and it also takes 2 weeks for the affected people to show the symptoms.
The government officials have also highlighted that, Modi was in constant touch with the leaders of the SAARC countries and G20, taking into consideration that both international and regional partnerships are necessary to fight this pandemic.
Modi stressed to undertake various humanitarian measures as a result of which India was one of the foremost countries to bring its citizens from corona affected countries. Much similar to UK PM Boris Johnson, who is working continuously with chief scientific advisor of UK government, PM Narendra Modi is also asking the scientific advisor of our country to formulate a strategy along with a core team of expert officials to battle against coronavirus.
Modi has also contacted the CMs of states like UP and Maharashtra, which are getting worse hit by this pandemic. In the meeting, he has also asked the officials to spread education on the preventive measures to be taken to stop the spread of Covid-19.