Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 7 and Confirmed Cases Crosses 400


Three more Covid-19 deaths were reported in India on Sunday, which took the total number of deaths in India to seven. The deceased people were identified from Mumbai, Gujarat as well as Patna.
Meanwhile, ‘Janta Curfew’ was observed on Sunday, which made millions of people to stay indoors and only a few numbers of vehicles took to the streets, which gave a deserted look to the roads. Everyone gave seriousness to the curfew as requested by PM Narendra Modi and also took initiative to pay respect to the doctors, nurses, police and other associated people who are working 24/7 to save the diagnosed coronavirus patients, by clapping hands and beating utensils at 5:00 pm.
According to an AFP tally on Sunday, more than 3,00,00 new people across the world has been tested positive for novel coronavirus. Approximately 3,00,097 infections have been confirmed worldwide and also it is reported that 12,895 deaths took place in 169 countries and territories.
Since there is a surge in the number of coronavirus patients across India, the Central and State governments have decided to lockdown 75 districts with an intention to break the chain of transmission. Almost 22 states which includes Maharashtra, Haryana, Kerala, UP, West Bengal and Uttarakhand declared partial or complete shutdown. Amongst the states, Maharashtra is the worse-hit state with 89 positive cases and 2 deaths which is followed by Kerala with 67 positive cases.
The death toll in Italy rises to 5476, making it the worse-hit country in the world. Spain has extended state of emergency till April 11th, as it was the second worst-hit countries after Italy by recording 1720 deaths. China has reported the first Covid-19 case after a gap of 3 days and it surged to 45 new positive cases. They have initiated strong measures to curb the second round of infections.