Drinking Water Does Not Help in Eliminating Coronavirus


Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many false news and prevention measures was being circulated through social media sites and even news channels. The first fake preventive measure that was spread across the people was that cocaine heals coronavirus. The French government was forced to issue a statement stating that it was a fake news and told people that it will prove to be harmful for health. The next misinformation was that, ice cream has to be avoided to fight against coronavirus, which prompted UNICEF to issue a statement saying that the rumor is not true.
At last, the false and dangerous idea was circulated stating that drinking water will prevent coronavirus. The post which were being shared in social media sites said that it is necessary to keep our mouths and also throat moist all the time i.e. to drink water during 15 minutes time interval. The logic behind the fake news was that, by drinking water the virus will get washed down to the oesophagus, which then ultimately gets killed by the stomach acid.
Kalpana Sabapathy, a clinical epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says that the infection starts when the patient is exposed to thousands of viral particles, and then if the patient drinks water, it can sweep down only a part of the viral particles and will not have much impact.
Another fact is that, people thinks that the virus gets killed spontaneously when it reaches the stomach. But the truth is that gastric acid contains a pH between one and three, which has the capability of dissolving steel. But the virus is far more robust than this and can turn out to resist the acid.
Research has not been undertaken to prove that drinking water is a preventive measure to be undertaken during the time of coronavirus and hence this remains just as a myth.