India stays united in thanking the Health Officials and Emergency Workers fighting against Corona virus outbreak


After all the silence as the people across the country stayed at their homes to support the ‘Janta Curfew’, the country woke up when all the citizens came out in their windows, balconies and terraces by clapping, ringing bells and beating the utensils at 5pm on Sunday in order to thank the people who are tirelessly working for the wellbeing of the corona infected people as well as for eradicating the virus from India.
This was done by majority of the people across the country after PM Narendra Modi tweeted as a reminder to the citizens of India, to express their gratitude towards the ones who are working 24/7 in eradicating the COVID-19, by spending a time of at least 5 minutes at 5pm by clapping or beating utensils in order to show gratitude.
This was a huge success, as most of the people across the country irrespective of their age came out on their terrace and balconies in order to support this thanksgiving. Photos of this which were clicked by many people and posted in social media went viral within a few hours in all the social media platforms.