PM Modi’s view on Janta Curfew


After the successful end of the Janta Curfew, PM Narendra Modi addressed to the citizens of India asking them not to celebrate on the success of the curfew as it was just a trial for the fight of a very long battle. He also asked everyone to stay prepared and stay united to fight against this battle unitedly as this fight required the support of all. He also appreciated all the people in India on observing Janta curfew. Janta curfew was observed on Sunday in order to have a control over the widespread outbreak of Corona virus across the country.
The major motive of Janta Curfew was to control the spread of Corona virus pandemic and to break the chain of spread of the epidemic. Rather than saying the curfew as a lockdown it was named as Janta Curfew in order to show the importance of citizens in supporting the curfew.
Although the curfew was planned till 9pm on Sunday, PM Modi made another tweet on informing the citizens of districts where lockdown would continue, to stay indoors as it is being announced by the officials. He also tweeted asking the citizens of the country, to strictly follow the rules announced by the state and central government in order to have a control over the spread which would further help in the wellbeing of citizens.