Amazon Prime Delivery gets pushed by a month amid Coronavirus Outbreak


The e-commerce giant, Amazon Prime, which was renowned for its speedy deliveries, has now extended the delivery dates till a month for non-essential items. This action was adopted by amazon due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus which led to the e-commerce giant prioritize the deliveries of essential goods at this time.
As per Vox, Amazon is no longer accepting new shipment to its warehouses. It will continue to sell its products via the website, but customers who are listing discretionary items has to store and ship them by themselves. Amazon started to prioritize its commodities first in US. The prioritized commodities have not been listed by Amazon but it is said that it will include medical supplies, household staples and other products that are in high-demand.
According to Bloomberg, the delayed deliveries of non-essential commodities will extend at least for another month. This has led to a situation of panic among the merchants who rely on Amazon to run their business.  
Amazon made a statement that they have altered their transportation, supply chain, logistics, third party seller processes and even purchases with a view to prioritize stocking and also delivering items that are in high demand for our customers. This initiative was taken to serve the customers who are in desperate need and to ensure the safety of Amazon's associates.
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon wrote a letter to its employees saying that all around the world, the situation is getting worse, and people are experiencing the economic effects of this crisis. He also said that he feels that the situation is going to get even worse even before they get better. Bezos also acknowledged his employees as they are providing necessary services to needy people everywhere, especially the more vulnerable people who solely depend on Amazon.
Amazon had also announced that, it will be hiring one lakh employees to meet the surging demand, earlier this week. It offered jobs to the restaurant and pub workers who are presently struggling.
In India also, the same situation is being faced for Amazon Prime deliveries. Furthermore, Big Basket, Swiggy, Groffers, Flipkart, Zomato etc. has also been facing the shortage of supplies like Amazon. They are still continuing their service since it is essential in this needy situation.