With a view to map the spread of COVID-19 pandemic scientists from U.K to track mutations


As of Monday, the scientists from Britain said that they are going to track the outbreak of Corona virus and are about to use gene sequencing for watching the emerging mutations and for examining the strains that caused thousands of Corona virus infections across the nation.
According to the statement given by the government of Britain, researchers would collect the medical data required from the samples of the infected patients hailing from Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The total death toll of Covid- 19 infected patients from Britain has reached at least 281 in number as the Corona virus is continuing to spread across the globe.
According to Sharon Peacock, the director of Public Health England's (PHE) national infection service, Corona virus is one of the largest threats the nation has been facing over the recent times. He also said about the scientists working in teams for mapping out and examining the COVID-19 sample’s full genetic codes.
According to the Govt’s Chief Scientific Officer, Patrick Vallance, for understanding COVID-19 as well as for identifying the reason for the spread, genome sequencing played an eminent role. For specialising on genetic research, the government has also planned for a 20-million-pound project called the Covid-19 Genomics UK Consortium.