Essential Goods and Services Not to be Hampered – Central to State Government


After the reporting of second death in Delhi, the total number of deaths due to Corona has reached 10 in India, and the total number of Corona positive cases has reached 562 as of Tuesday. As a measure to control this widespread outbreak of infection PM, Narendra Modi announced on his television addressal to the public that a 21-day lockdown is going to be imposed in the country from 25th of March. He also said that this measure was adopted by the government because of the risk associated with the spreading of infection and as there are no better alternatives to control the spread.
Modi also ensured that there wouldn’t be any shortage in the supply of food and other essentials and asked the citizens in the country not to engage in panic buying after hearing this announcement of lockdown. The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked all states to set up helpline numbers for people engaged in supply of essential goods and services and have asked to ensure unhindered movement of such goods and services.
According to the government statement there was emphasis on how important it is to implement the lockdown in the country by ensuring unhindered operation in the manufacturing and processing of essential goods, along with ensuring no hindrance in transporting them to their warehouse as well as to the public.