Increasing Corona positive cases in India has led to a “total lockdown” in the nation


In order to have a proper control over the spread of corona virus across India, PM Modi has announced for a total lockdown in the nation with a view to slow the spread. The restrictions were imposed by PM Modi, at 24th midnight, 18:30 GMT, and announced that it would be imposed for a period of 21 days. During Modi’s addressing to the nation he announced regarding the total ban in the nation for moving out of their homes.
Although he asked people not to panic, people were seen in groups near the kirana stores as panic buying began soon after the announcement of the nationwide lockdown. Correspondents responded to this announcement by saying that it is still not clear on whether the people would be allowed to go out to buy essentials and for buying food. The decision was taken after seeing the sudden spike in total Corona confirmed cases to rise over 500 with 10 deaths reported.
In the later part of Modi’s addressal he also asked people not to engage themselves in panic buying as it would be a cause for spreading the infection at a higher pace and also ensured that supplies would be taken care by the government. Under this new measure undertaken by the government, there will be a closure of all the non-essential businesses and the only ones to function would be hospitals as well as other medical facilities.