Impact of planting trees to save the earth


There has been sudden increase and craze for everyone across the globe in planting trees and this includes all the companies from airlines to oil companies. There are various schemes adopted by different countries in order to increase the total trees planted in the globe, and as per the scheme adopted by U.K, the government has promised to plant millions of trees.
According to the pledge taken by the conservatives of U.K during the time of election, they had promised to plant millions of trees in a period of one year. Critics were confused with this pledge, as the earlier targets which were much easier than this were also not met. Meeting the promised rate of planting can aid in the accomplishment of U.K getting forested by 17%, instead of the 13% at this point.
Planting of trees is a well-known thought, since woodlands or forests are excellent and also valuable, as it would provide a habitat for wildlife as well as provide timber and control floods.
Another major advantage of planting of trees is the reduction in carbon dioxide rates in the atmosphere, as it would be absorbed by the trees, thus helping to reduce the heat and adding as a solution to climate change. As per the report, the current rate of carbon dioxide absorption by the trees present in U.K is 10 million tonnes, and still there are more efforts taken by the government in doubling this rate of absorption.