Wuhan decides to ease lockdown as World is struggling with Coronavirus pandemic


Travel restrictions that has been imposed in the rest of Hubei province, where Wuhan is situated decided to clear the restrictions from midnight starting from Tuesday, for the healthy residents. There were no new coronavirus cases in a week and a single new case of the virus was diagnosed in Wuhan on Tuesday. Since the middle of January, Wuhan has been declared to shut off from rest of the world to battle the Covid-19 outbreak. Presently, the officials have declared that an individual who is having a “green” code on a health app which is widely used by people over there will be permitted to leave the city starting from 8th April.
The countries across the globe has imposed strict preventive measures and lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. UK has imposed a ban on public gatherings of more than 2 people and has also advised to close down the shops selling non-essential goods.
America has been advised to limit their social interactions by the health experts, since the number of infected patients will surge if social distancing is not practiced. Spanish soldiers who are assisting in fighting the coronavirus has identified elderly people from retirement homes, who has been affected by the virus and left abandoned and some of them were already dead in their beds. A temporary mortuary for the victims of Covid-19 has been set up in the ice rink located in Madrid.
China is on its way to declare themselves as a ‘post corona’ country. Also, there is a threat of second wave of infections from imported cases i.e. travelers who are arriving from abroad. This has led to a view that some of the countries are not taking the threat of the virus seriously since they are not following what China did.