India’s Poor Fear Whether Hunger Will Kill Them Even Before Coronavirus Due To Lockdown


India has imposed a 21-day curfew to curb the spread of deadly coronavirus outbreak. People have been advised to stay indoors throughout this time period. This decision was not an option for the daily-wage workers since all the shops and production units selling non-essential items has been shut down. These daily-wage workers do not have an alternative to feed their family and they are in a pathetic situation for 3-weeks.
Due to this condition, various state governments including UP, Delhi, Kerala etc. have promised these workers that cash will be transferred to their accounts directly to sustain their livelihood in this chronic situation. PM Narendra Modi have also given a word to help these daily-wage earners who are affected during this lockdown.
But there are many challenges for this since 90% of the workforce in India is employed in informal sector and do not even have bank accounts to rely on cash to meet their day-to-day needs. Then there is a huge lot of migrant workers, who are residents of other states.
Former chief minister of UP, Akhilesh Yadav mentioned that, all the state government has to take very quick action since the situation is changing every now and then. He also added that, big community kitchen has to be setup and activated in all the states to deliver food to needy people. The government has to take initiative to give rice or wheat and also cash to these daily-wage earners irrespective of which state they are hailing from.
Many Indians also feed their families by earning their livelihood as street entrepreneurs and also from tourism. They are also badly affected since all the shops and monuments has also been shutdown due to the pandemic. Ola and Uber drivers are also suffering because public transportation has also been forbidden in India.
So, government has to take quick steps to take care of these people since they fear whether they will die out of hunger even before coronavirus affects them.