Coronavirus Outbreak Has Led To A Postponement Of Tokyo Olympics


The postponement of Olympics was first announced by Dick Pound, who is one of the longest serving members of International Olympics Committee. He announced this on Monday. He also mentioned about the likelihood chance to push the start of Olympics to the next year 2021 due to the widespread Corona virus pandemic.
Canada was the first country to back out from the Olympics if it would be held as per schedule even during this massive outbreak of Corona virus pandemic. If the Tokyo Olympics was postponed, then it would be the first game to be postponed in the 124 year modern history. Due to the outbreak of Corona virus pandemic there has also been various major tournaments postponed as well.
Thomas Bach, President of IOC had also written a letter to the athletes mentioning about how seriously they consider the safety and health of the athletes and also said they would take a decision regarding whether to cancel the Olympics in the next 4 weeks. On Monday the WHO also told that they are waiting for a reply from the IOC regarding the decision on Tokyo Olympics. The IOC conveyed about their decision after Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime minister asked the members of IOC to postpone the Tokyo Olympics in order to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.