Prince Charles affected from Corona virus pandemic


The second son of Queen Elizabeth -2, Prince Charles has also been reported positive with corona virus on Wednesday. He is being self-isolating himself in Scotland as per the statement given by his office. According to the Statement given by Clarence house, Prince of Wales is in proper health condition and is only displaying a bit of symptoms.
It is still not clear on how the Prince got affected from the virus as his schedule was quite hectic for the past few days with lot of interaction with the public. According to the statement given by a spokesperson from Buckingham Palace, health condition of the queen is perfect as she is religiously following all the advices given for her welfare.
Prince Charles was lately seen by the Monarch at the palace after the Investiture ceremony for Public Awards. Although this visit was made by Prince Charles on March 12th, he was identified to have the infection as on 13th of March. The prince had shown symptoms from the past weekend which means that he would be have been exposed to the disease even before his visit to meet Queen Elizabeth. The prince has been self-isolating in his Scottish residence with a very minimal number of staffs while his wife Camilla was self-isolating at a different place. According to the statement given by Clarence house Camila’s health was perfect and her test for Coronavirus was also tested negative. The tests for the couple were carried out by the National Health Service in Aberdeenshire.