Everyone across the globe eagerly waiting for the vaccine for Corona virus


After the World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus as a pandemic, everyone across the globe has been eagerly waiting for a vaccine to be found in order to control the spread as well as for saving the lives of many of those who are infected.
Currently there are almost 35 companies as well as academic institution which are religiously working on the creation of a vaccine, and out of them a minimum of four have candidates. Out of these, the first one was found by Moderna which is a Boston based biotech firm. They have also promised that they would be making trials on humans at the earliest. Even if the vaccine is a success, it would take time for reaching everyone across the world as the production capacity would be less and also for getting an approval, it would take time.
This phenomenal speed is thanks in huge part to the early Chinese endeavours to sequence the genetic material of Sars CoV-2, the infection which causes COVID-19.  The sequence was sent by China in the beginning of January which aided the research groups across the world to study on the live virus and study on how it enters the human cells and affects them. It was also found that the two recent epidemics namely Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers) were caused by the corona viruses.