China’s successful lockdown; A hope for the World to battle Covid-19


The first coronavirus case was diagnosed in Wuhan, China and it led to a spontaneous increase in the number of positive cases to more than 80,000. The deadly virus took the lives of 3,287 people in China and almost 74,000 people has recovered from this pandemic. Many countries including USA, the UK, India etc. has imposed lockdown after seeing the success of China in preventing the spread of Covid-19.
China had imposed an eight-week lockdown which had quarantined almost 60 million people in Hubei province, which was found successful since the positive cases dropped down massively. The virus epicenter Wuhan is all set to lift up its quarantine on 8th April to see whether the infection will spread again.
Countries like South Korea has curbed the spread of the pandemic coronavirus successfully by relying on tools like testing and also contact tracing, without large scale lockdowns or quarantines. Still, a global clampdown on public life tends to give more optimistic number since social distancing slows the spread of coronavirus.
The industrial giant, China is slowly going back to its normal life after the number of infections eased. China is about to declare the nation as ‘Post-Corona’ country. Rest of the countries are eagerly waiting to see China to list the lockdown, to witness whether there will be a surge in infections.
US, which has chances of becoming the next epicenter of outbreak, has imposed full lockdown in states like New York, Ohio, California etc. to avoid huge crowds and advice work from home for companies.
India also decided a 21-day lockdown since it witnessed a surge in the number of positive cases rapidly. All the essential commodities will be available to people and government has advised all the people to stay indoors to stop the virus transmission.